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Organization In Brief

LEGAL CLINIC MYANMAR is playing a unique role not only in promoting and strengthening the rule of law, democracy and human rights in Myanmar by providing legal awareness trainings and paralegal trainings but standing for violated and unjustly treated people, especially for women and girls in the court and providing free legal aid services such as Legal Counseling & Consultation, Legal Mediation and Negotiation and Legal Representation and social support for them by strengthening the cooperation with other legal organizations or law firms since 2011 are also as the unique of LCM. As Myanmar is in her transition towards democratization, its constitution grants the rights of citizenship, but most citizens are unaware of their rights and how to protect their rights using legal mechanisms. Thus, Legal Clinic Myanmar decided to promote citizens' awareness regarding their legally protected rights and to provide legal aid services and break the silence of citizens whose rights have been violated and treated unjustly in the sector of land, women, child, labor and internal displaced persons with the vision that " every citizen's legal rights will be secured through the enforcement of the rule of law".